DADA offers a wide variety of classes to suit all age groups. Classes are led by our professional drama teachers who create a focused and energetic learning environment.

The Drama Class (all ages):

At DADA we believe the emphasis is twofold: each student who attends a drama class should learn to have an appreciation of drama, acting and theatre but in a relaxed and friendly environment where the needs of the individual student are catered for. Students will work on theatre games, improvisation, scripts, mime, movement etc. but will also gain confidence, improve their social skills and work on inner development.

The Speech Class (all ages):

The basic priority of the Speech Class is the development of the voice. This will involve each student working on relaxation, breathing, resonance and articulation, but again in a relaxed atmosphere. Along with this, students will be entered for Speech examinations with either The Irish Board, The Royal Irish Academy or the Guildhall School of Music and Drama, depending on the student’s age and level of experience. Of course, beginners are always welcome! The benefit of the Speech Class is that each student will work towards acquiring a clear, interesting voice and good communication skills, but will also have the reward of having completed an exam.

Kindergarten Speech & Drama (3-5yrs):

The kindergarten class combines elements of both the Speech and Drama classes, but is specially designed for very young children. Students will be introduced to theatre games, storytelling, poetry, movement and mime and will learn to improve their confidence and social skills. This class also helps to develop and foster the imaginative and creative side of the child from a very early age and is always extremely popular with the children.

Kindergarten Ballet (3-5yrs):

Our classes are designed to introduce children to the basics of dancing, movement, co-ordination, rhythm and timing. But most of all, these classes aim to teach children to appreciate dance and all the fun that goes with it!

Pre-junior Speech & Drama (6-7 yrs):

Students will continue to develop skills in poetry, mime and movement and will be introduced to the area of improvisation. At this level, students also have the option of taking an examination with the Irish Board of Speech and Drama or the Royal Irish Academy. This class prepares students to move on to more senior classes and includes all the elements mentioned in Speech and Drama training (above).

Pre-Junior Ballet (6-8yrs):

Students will continue to improve their ballet skills, students also have the option of taking grade examinations.

The Musical Theatre Class (all ages):

The Musical Theatre class is designed for students who like to combine all the elements of dance, singing and drama in one class! Students will focus on songs from musicals as a starting point.

DADA Youth Theatre(14+):

This class is for more experienced students who are considering a career in acting or who have a real passion for the subject. Students from this class will produce a play a professional theatre at the end of the year. Students must have experience in drama training in order to join DADA Youth Theatre.